Welcome to MobilityScooterClub.com

This website is for anyone who is disabled or a carer or friend of someone who is disabled who uses a mobility scooter of any size including ones that dismantle for transportation or power chair users. Or thinking of buying one the site is free to join and to use, Register Free Here

Over the next few weeks we will be adding to the website with sections for you to tell us the type of scooter/power chair you use and your comments about how you like it or not and any user tips you have for members. Also we hope to feature some of the best or recommended makes of scooters/power chairs, and information on funding if you want to buy your own scooter rather than renting or using the mobility scheme.

Also we will have some more categories for you to post in like my scooter, plus a questions and answers section along with links to other websites that could be of help to you. Along with helpful articles on health, dieting and keeping warm in winter and other relevant articles.

This is a secure site protected by for the benefit of all users.

Please read our Mission Page for information on what we are trying to do with this website. If you have any questions about our website please use the contact page.

Looking to crowdfund towards the purchase of a scooter or power chair? Please visit our sister site at Fundme.gdn