My Scooter


I have two scooters, a mid sized dual speed 4mp & 6mp, pavement and road with adjustment within these speed settings and is parked in the hallway at the moment. I am using my smaller scooter that breaks down into 4 pieces so I can get in the back of my estate car, it won’t go as far on a charge as my main scooter but its great for just around the town.

This is my main scooter its a Rascal 388d I bought it second hand for £400.00 as they are about £1,000.00 new. I have found it easy to use and its not as wide as some scooters so I can get in and out of doors and most supermarket checkouts. The front tiller lifts up this makes it easier to get out of and the seat swivels for easy access to counters and cash machines.

It will need some new tyres soon, the only problem with it is it has no independent suspension so you feel every bump or cracked pavement it goes over, except from that I am very happy with it.

This is my smaller scooter its a Pride Go Go Elite Traveler 4 Mobility Scooter with a 12amp battery. Its a 4mp max pavement scooter with adjustment within slow or fast, the seat arms can lift up and the seat can swivel for easy access for counters and cash machines and it breaks down into 5 pieces for easy transportation. I say easy but if you don’t have a tailgate boot/trunk with a low access you may find it difficult to lift over a boot/trunk that is waist height.

The heaviest pieces are the seat and the main tiller section I purchased mine 2 years ago from Betterlife from Lloyds Pharmacy it was delivered within a few days and the instructions were easy to follow. The one shown is slightly newer than mine as it has changeable coloured panels in red or blue and you can have a choice of a 12amp or 18amp battery.

Prices start from £499.00 (with VAT Relief) and I found their scooter buying guide was very helpful, please note you will find much more information on this scooter on their website.

I get no remuneration from as this is a genuine personal appraisal of the scooter, if they ask where you found their link please tell them.


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