Our Mission

To provide a site where a user can tell other users about their scooter/power chair and what they find that is good or bad about using it and any problems they have had with other people who do constantly get in the way! (Especially mobile phone users.) I won’t call them smartphone users because most of them have no common sense due to their brains being somewhere else on planet internet.

If you do own or use a scooter or power chair that you think is the best you have ever owned/used please do tell us about it, as this could help another member who is undecided over the choice of a certain model. All new member registrations will be able to setup their own profile start a group etc, because we want to involve you over the direction this website takes.

We know its difficult sometimes to find out information where you can get help with mobility problems or what benefits you can get, so we hope to have an information page soon where you will be able to find links to the relevant websites.

We are looking for advertising sponsors, so if you know of any company associated with disability and mobility products including scooters and power chairs that would like to advertise on this site, please let us know.